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Mysuru Palace

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Mysuru Palace

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Mysuru Palace is the symbol of grandeur and royal heritage at Karnataka’s cultural capital, Mysuru. With over six million visitors each year, Mysuru Palace is India’s second most popular tourist attraction and monument, after Taj Mahal in UP State.

History: Mysuru Palace was built in the early 14th century by the royal family of Wodeyars. Mysuru palace was originally built in wood and was destroyed once by lightning (in 1638 AD), once by Tipu Sultan (in 1739 AD) and once again by fire in 1897 AD. Current Mysuru Palace is the fourth reconstruction, completed in 1912 and designed by British architect, Henry Irwin.

What to see in Mysuru Palace

  • Golden Howdah:Made of gold weighs about 750-kg. It is used in the Jamboo Savari (elephant procession) on the Vijayadashami day, and has two wide seats in rows, bigger than the interiors of a family car. The Rajas of Mysore used this howdah in the famous Dasara procession, which traversed through the thoroughfares of the princely city during the festival every year.
  • Golden Throne or Chinnada Simhasana or Ratna Simhasana in Kannada, was the royal throne of the rulers of the Kingdom of Mysore. It is one of the main attractions of Mysore Palace. It is kept for public viewing only during Dasara festival and on the rest of the days, it is disassembled and kept in safe lockers of the palace
  • Public Durbar Hall: Large courtyard where king would meet his ministers and visitors
  • Paintings & Portraits: Palace walls have intricate paintings depicting Dasara processions and other glorious moments of the past
  • Marriage Pavilion: Used for royal family events such as weddings.
  • Wrestling Courtyard: Where kusti (wrestling) competitions were held.
  • Royal furniture on display

Timings to visit Mysuru Palace: 

  • Visit: Mysuru Palace is open to visitors from 10 AM till 5 PM on all days.
  • Illumination: Mysuru palace is lit up between 7 PM and 8 PM on Sundays & public holidays.
  • Sound & light show: 45 minutes sound and light show is performed at 7 PM & 8 PM on weekdays (Monday to Wednesday: Kannada, Thursday to Saturday: English)

How to reach Mysuru Palace: Mysuru is 150 kms from Bengaluru. Mysuru airport is 12 kms from the city. KSRTC runs Flybus service to Mysuru from Bengaluru airport. Mysuru is well connected by road and rail from different parts of Karnataka. Mysuru Palace can be reached using auto, taxi or tanga (horse driven cart) from any part of Mysuru.

Places to stay in and around Mysuru: Mysuru city has hotels and resorts in all budget categories.

Official website: https://www.mysorepalace.gov.in/

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