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Sathodi Falls

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Sathodi Falls

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Sathodi falls is a pristine waterfall in the Western Ghats. Sathodi falls is formed by merging of multiple smaller streams which eventually join Kali river downstream. Flowing over tall rocks in the middle of evergreen forests, the 50 ft (15 meters) tall Sathodi falls is a visual treat and nature’s gift to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

Reasons to visit Sathodi Falls

  • Active all through the year: Sathodi falls is located in dense Western Ghats and remains active for most part of the year.
  • Safe to take a dip/swim: Water below Sathodi falls is not too deep and is ideal for a dip/short swim. However caution is advised, particularly with children.
  • Picnic Spot: Sathodi falls is an ideal picnic spot with family, because of beautiful surroundings.

Nearby: Dandeli (80 kms), Anshi National Park (70 kms), Attiveri Bird Sanctuary (70 kms) and Ulavi Caves (88 kms) are some of the interesting places in the region worth visiting along with Sathodi falls.

How to reach: Sathodi falls is 452 kms from Bengaluru and 90 kms from district HQ Karwar. Hubballi is the nearest airport and railway station (97 kms). Buses are available till Yellapura, from where taxis can be hired to reach Sathodi falls (27 kms).

Stay: Few home stay options are available near Sathodi falls. Yellapura city (27 kms) has basic accommodations.  More stay options are available in Dandeli (80 kms), Hubballi (97 kms) and Sirsi (75 kms).

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